is to illuminate cosmic harmony

to inspire the healing, expansion, and evolution of all.


All things grow and develop with the passing of time marked by the movements of the stars. In deepening our awareness of how celestial changes affect us, both collectively and personally, we can enhance our hue-man health, happiness, and harmony.


We encourage spiritual leaders around the world to shine by teaching them astrology based on the tropical zodiac in a way that is technical, embodied, and intuitive.


Whether you’re a beginner to astrology, a professional astrologer, or somewhere in-between, our offerings will enrich and enliven your path to self-discovery. We welcome you into our star family and honor the journey of exploring true magic of nature’s intelligence with you!


We believe in the power of co-creation which is why we host workshops and talks with talented eco-conscious leaders. We also provide an integrated, embodied, and intuitive approach to learning astrology for those who are looking to learn from our founder, Stevie Medina, through her Sacred Rhythm Mentorship Program. Your co-creative participation makes these offerings come to life!


We see a world where natural, holistic principles are acknowledged and honored on a massive scale. We envision an expansive and diverse global community of visionary lightworkers becoming empowered through the wisdom of astrology and in turn inspired to continuously heal themselves and the planet.



We are inspired by the idea of a future fueled by conscious creators, collaborative communities, renewable energy, clean water, and organic soil. We have faith that our contributions will consequently make the world a more heavenly place to live.


It is our intention to create a vortex of presence, centeredness, and Love with every piece of content we create, consultation we lead, workshop we hold, and course we facilitate. May our efforts activate the highest form of consciousness in all beings and aid in the manifestation of collective progress.


May it light a creative spark in others and remind them that their visions are valid and their work possible. May our compassion cultivate a loving atmosphere for listeners, clients, and all who encounter our work. May we unite and dissolve feelings of separation, to align with the higher spirit of community and collaboration.




To work to dissolve separation, judgment, boundaries which hinder or hurt. To be kind to self and others. To grow together through deep, honest trust and Love.


To cultivate a sacred space that uplifts and allows for all to align with their highest truth. To pass down our knowledge and teachings with respect to their origin.


To have a holistic approach to healing and providing our services. To honor the light and the shadow. To foster harmony within the mind, body, and soul.


Visiting Venus' Underworld:

Embracing the Duality of Earthly Love

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, & romance, will be Retrograde from May 13st - June 25th 2020 and during this time of journey "through the Underworld" she will invite us to look inward to redefine our core values.


Join us for a virtual gathering to explore the Venus' archetypal qualities, her sacred cycle around the Sun, the meaning of her 4 month journey through the sign of Gemini, and how this love reset (which only happens every 2 years) will effect you!



For 100s of years, astrologers have predicted that 2020 would be one of the most revolutionary years of this decade, largely due in part to the presence of SATURN AT HOME in Capricorn AND Aquarius. Join us for this 2.5 hour online seminar all about Saturn and why his movement this year is especially potent for us all!

about the founder

Stefanie (Stevie) Nicole Catalano Medina

Hello beautiful soul, I am Stevie! I am the founder of and the Sacred Rhythm Mentorship Program. I am an astrologer who helps people embrace their uniqueness, plan with divine timing, and honor life's cycles.


After over 10 years of studying and practicing holistic medicine, I have worked with 100s clients looking to strengthen their mind, body and soul connection. I believe in the power of divine timing and utilize astrological pattern recognition to help my clients heal from past traumas and confidently embody the highest version of themselves.

This podcast is for those that believe in divine timing and the wisdom of Astrology. It is for the modern-day magicians, spiritual scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and manifestors driven to make a positive impact on the planet one day at a time. 


Since October 1st, 2018, Stevie Medina has been providing 10-to-15 minute daily horoscope for the collective. On March 30th, we officially  lead by Astrologers, Stevie Medina, Ash Brooks, Jennifer Reitmeier, or Georgia Ry of the Starry Alignment Collective.


Join us in celebrating the ever-changing cosmic weather and elevate your awareness of your unique journey through life.

The production of the daily horoscopes for this podcast officially came to an end on Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 so that the mission of Starry Alignment can be realized in new ways.


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