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You know there is more to life than what meets the eye...

and that there is magic in exploring energy and its potential.

The symbolic language of astrology can illuminate your personal journey. 


Astrology is ancient intellectual and spiritual practice that reminds us our individual uniqueness and the opportunity that we have to express it. It reveals the magnetic, energetic forces that influence life moment by moment. It speaks to the interconnectedness of all things. 


For millennia, humans have look to sky to make meaning of life and its mysteries. Natal charts are comprised from the planetary aspects happening around Earth at the time and place of one's birth. In reading this starry map, significant meaning in relation to one's energy flow, motivation, relationships and soul path can be revealed.

Astrological & Intuitive Chart Readings

We are way more than just our Sun sign. We are each born with unique gifts and talents waiting to be brought to life at just the right time. Astrology help us see how we are always evolving in new ways. The shifts in our journey are marked by planetary transits and progressions as they pass our natal placements. Natal Chart Readings allow you to embrace the cycles of life and where you are within them.


In your reading with Stevie, notable aspects of the chart are identified using evolutionary and ancient Hellenistic astrological techniques. Sessions with Stevie are conversational. Clients are encouraged share their story and ask questions. Placements and aspects within the chart are discussed to help clients integrate the archetypical themes playing out in their lives.

The thoroughness.

I've never received a reading with such great detail or preparation!

Also, Stevie was amazing in terms of setting the tone for the meeting beginning with a meditation to get us aligned. She is such a wealth of knowledge and went above and beyond in terms of preparing for the meeting. I cannot recommend getting a reading from her enough!

Melissa Barker

Business Coach & Speaker

I loved how genuine and sweet and interested you were in explaining my chart to me.

Also, how clearly you listened to my story

& helped me to have “aha” moments during my reading.

So much more...

I love that you provided a video too, having it to reference back to is awesome!

Andrea F.

Healing Aesthetician

This will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

After seeing my birth chart and listening how everything is affecting me directly and indirectly I now understand how, when and where to take action, what needs my focus.


All that was said was relevant and I am forever grateful for the peace of mind! This was an eye opening experience, Stevie will give you all the tools you need to be the person you want to be.


So much truth and good vibes are expected. You will wish you had done it sooner.

Denisse T.

Marketing Specialist

30 minutes

Learn about how the luminaries & planets are currently influencing your growth

60 minutes

Receive insight on where your power lies in this in depth natal chart reading, which also takes into account past and current transits to unveil the potential for your future.

All readings typically include a dialogue around:

* the impact of New/Full Moons and other major planetary activations

* the significance of the Node of the Moon and the client's karmic destiny

* the strongest planets and houses in the client's chart

*  the client's personal time-lord of the year


A link to book your session will be provided immediately after your purchase is made.

If you do not received this email, please check your spam and email admin@starryalignment.com if you still cannot find it! Many thanks!

Sessions are hosted and recorded with Zoom. You will need to install this plug-in before your session and have a reliable internet connection if you would like your session to be done over video and to be recorded. Your recording will be available as a private link on Youtube after your session. This video will not be published for any reason ever unless your permission is granted.


Payments are non-refundable. Canceled appointments can be rescheduled within 90 days of the original purchase. Stevie reserves the right to reschedule appointments if there is a scheduling conflict or emergency.

Getting a reading with Stevie is like a cross between talking to your wisest girlfriend and a straight-forward life coach.


I highly recommend her if you are curious about learning more about yourself, or looking for a fun little nudge in the right direction!

Cass Hoblitz

Freelance Marketing Professional 

& Master's student at Columbia University

I can't recommend Stevie's services enough! 


You can expect a grounded, mutually present environment that is the ultimate foundation for a healing, encouraging session. Even if you're not super familiar with your chart or astrology in general, Stevie's wisdom and guidance are potently effective on their own. You can absolutely expect to leave the session with a renewed sense of motivation, clarity, and compassion.

Jenn R.

Reiki Healer & Lunar Coach

You'd be hard-pressed to find another mentor

with the same level of expertise and intuitive wisdom. 

Hannah Koenig

Business Coach to Impact Drive Entrepreneurs

about your guide...

Stevie has been a student of holistic healing for over 10 years. As a Aquarius Sun / Cancer Moon, her love for humanity and living in alignment with life's cycles inspires her to be a horoscope writer, an astrology podcast host, and an empowerment coach for women.


In 2013, she began to lead Kripalu Yoga classes inspired by the elements. After earning her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Studio Art in 2014, she began her professional study of astrological principles at the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine where she also learned traditional Thai Medicine and ancient healing techniques. A year later, Stevie became a Certified Avatar Master through Star's Edge International which deepened her understanding of manifestation and neuro-linguistic programming.


Determined to weave more astrology into her work, Stevie has devoted herself to learning astrology from amazing teachers like Donna Woodwell, Chris Brennan, David Lawrence Palmer, Bernadette Brady, David Cochrane, Kaypacha, Lada Duncheva, Jennifer Racioppi, Adam Elenbaas (Acyuta-bhava) and many many more for the since early 2016. From 2017-2019, Stevie worked as a virtual production assistant for AstrologyHub.com. Her approach to astrological reading is informed by Hellenistic, Shamanic, Evolutionary, and modern techniques.


In October of 2018, she launched her podcast, "Starry Alignment: The Daily Horoscope Podcast for Visionary Lightworkers" (which now has nearly 150k downloads), as well as, her Instagram & Facebook account @starryalignment where her mission is to aid the masses in living in alignment with the sacred rhythm between Earth and the living sky.


She is the creator of the 6-month transformational Astrological Mentorship Program, Sacred Rhythm, an intensive learning experience designed to enrich the mentee's awareness of their unique chart and how it infinitely aligns with life's cycles.

Stevie's focus is to catalyze her clients' strengths and goals. Her intention is for every session to result in more clarity and peace of mind for her clients.

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