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Looking for simple cosmic insight that'll take just 30 minutes to receive?... Want a grounded view on where you are growing according to your own unique star map?

then book a TRANSIT CHECK UP reading!

We'll navigate the current transits in alignment with your birth chart to discover the current themes and how they relate to the past and future. You'll leave feeling aware the cosmic context and inspired by the co-creative nature of the universe!

Want to gain clarity on the path that's right for you while learning ancient techniques for analyzing your birth chart? Longing to connect with a loving astro-professional who will help you understand to signs and symbols from a new perspective?

then book an EMPOWERMENT reading!

With 60 minutes, w'll have much more time to explore your chart! Various aspects of your essence will be illuminated we weave through the storyline of your soul's path. Together we'll explore the deeper facets of your personality, your potential, and your cosmic future!


client reactions

I loved the way I was able to see my chart in a perspective I had never seen it before! Stevie explained things to me about myself that I knew, but did not realize how much of that was influenced by my placements. She was so kind, lovely, and easy to talk to.

Shana S.

Tattoo Artist

I loved how genuine and sweet and interested you were in explaining my chart to me. Also, how clearly you listened to my story & helped me to have “aha” moments during my reading.

Andrea F.

Healing Aesthetician

Hello beautiful soul!

Here are some more details about me!

I am Stefanie Nicole Catalano Medina, but many know me as Stevie Medina.


I am the founder of the and the Sacred Rhythm Mentorship Program. I am dedicated to working with those looking to master their understanding of time, life’s cycles, and language of the stars. 


I believe in the power of divine timing and utilizes astrological pattern recognition to help my clients heal from past traumas and confidently embody the highest version of themselves. After over 10 years of studying and practicing holistic medicine, I have worked with 100s clients looking to strengthen their mind, body and soul connection.


I am a certified 200 Hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Thai Yoga Practitioner from the  SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, and Avatar Master through Star's Edge International.


I began devoting myself to learning astrology in early 2016, studying with amazing teachers like Donna Woodwell, Chris Brennan, Bernadette Brady, David Cochrane, Lada Duncheva, Adam Elenbaas (Acyuta-bhava) and many many more. From 2017-2019, I served as a virtual production assistant for and was completely immersed in caring for their online Inner Circle Community.


In October of 2018, I launched the podcast, "Starry Alignment: The Daily Horoscope Podcast for Visionary Lightworkers,” where my goal was to aid the masses in living in alignment with the sacred rhythm between Earth and the living sky. In less than 2 years, I produced over 420 episodes for the podcast, which received over 100, 5-star reviews, and nearly 208k downloads from listeners all over the world.


Since the production of the daily horoscopes for the  podcast came to end on Saturday, May 23rd, 2020, my focus is on deepening my studies, supporting my private clients, and adding meaningful content to my signature Course, the Sacred Rhythm Mentorship.


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Studio Art from the University of New York at New Paltz. I am passionate about utilizing the wisdom of permaculture, astrology, and yoga to support myself and others in living healthily, happily, and gracefully.

more grateful clients...

Stevie is great with language and put into perspective what has been occurring in my life emotionally and highlighting my desires with accuracy and nuance.

Ariel J.

Multi-disciplinary Artist

The thoroughness. I've never received a reading with such great detail or preparation! Stevie was amazing in terms of setting the tone for the meeting beginning with a meditation to get us aligned.


She is such a wealth of knowledge and went above and beyond in terms of preparing for the meeting. I cannot recommend getting a reading from her enough!

Melissa Barker

Business Coach & Speaker

No matter how much or how little you know you will learn something from this. Ask the specific questions you want to know the answers to and you will absolutely be satisfied.

Taylor S.

Hotel Operations Manager

but wait, there's more...

I loved the thorough overview of my chart, learning more about which houses rule what aspects of my life & how the planetary influences will shift through time. I so appreciated the new insights. I really enjoyed Stevie's calm & sweet energy as she guided me through the journey of my natal chart.

Caren Charles

Artist, Creatrix

My reading with Stevie confirmed my decisions that have determined my career path, love life, spiritual practices, relationships to money, how I want to be seen, related to, and where my skills are. It mostly helped me let go of a lot of things I had been grappling with and feel confident about who I am and what I do... allowing me to really stay present to my life and enjoy it as it unfolds, trusting that I’m on the right path.

Ami D.

Musician, Mental Health Counseling Student

Stevie has a warm & beautiful presence; one can feel her authentic desire to connect with who you are at a deep level. She brings a vast knowledge base to her readings. Her passion for the process and desire to offer enlightenment during the reading is palpable.


I was struck by her interest in hearing content from me and then looking for insight within my chart to facilitate a clearer understanding of what may be going on for me in the moment, what may have been happening in the past, and moving forward how to best navigate certain dynamics & situations I encounter in my life.

Maribeth A.

Psychotherapist specializing in Creative Expression & Healing

and more...

Stevie helped me feel so comfortable and put me at ease. She illuminated parts of myself I always knew to be true, along with the areas of my life I could not seem to understand. I felt a moment of relief in knowing that the things I struggle with can be attributed to the stars but are not out of my complete control. She helped me feel empowered to continue seeking change. Stevie was full of light and compassion. She stepped far beyond my expectations by supporting my quest in finding answers deep within myself that lie within the stars.

C. O.

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

This session confirmed a lot about where my life is and most importantly it affirmed that I am on the right path, and that is something I really needed to know!  You can expect to gain insight into what strengths and tools you have, and to get an in depth understanding of your natal chart and what it means!

Lauren H.

Musician & Stay-at-Home Mom

I had my first natal chart reading with Stevie and it was incredible... My reading was personalized with a short tarot reading as well, and it has helped me a lot with my life and career. Every detail she explained was dynamic and understandable. Recommended!

Shantall A.

Graphic Illustrator & Architect

got questions?

What techniques do you use during your astrology readings?

Where do sessions occur? Is there a recording provided?

What if I am a beginner? Should I still get a reading?

No matter your level of astro-knowledge, I will intuitively create a learning experience that meets you where you are at! We are all naturally intuitive and perspective beings, so the information we cover can undoubtedly bring you clarity, no matter how technical or simplistic the language we are using!

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