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Stefanie Catalano Medina, known by her community as Stevie Medina, is the founder of the Starry Alignment Collective and the Sacred Rhythm Mentorship Program. She is dedicated to working with lightworkers around the world looking to master their understanding of time, life’s cycles, and language of the stars. 


Stevie believes in the power of divine timing and utilizes astrological pattern recognition to help her clients heal from past traumas and confidently embody the highest version of themselves. After over 10 years of studying and practicing holistic medicine, Stevie has worked with 100s clients looking to strengthen their mind, body and soul connection.


She is a certified 200 Hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Thai Yoga Practitioner from the  SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, and Avatar Master through Star's Edge International.


Stevie began devoting herself to learning astrology in early 2016, studying with amazing teachers like Donna Woodwell, Chris Brennan, Bernadette Brady, David Cochrane, Lada Duncheva, Adam Elenbaas (Acyuta-bhava) and many many more. From 2017-2019, Stevie worked as a virtual production assistant for AstrologyHub.com and was completely immersed in caring for their online Inner Circle Community.


In October of 2018, she launched her podcast, "Starry Alignment: The Daily Horoscope Podcast for Visionary Lightworkers,” where her goal was to aid the masses in living in alignment with the sacred rhythm between Earth and the living sky.


Stevie has produced 368 episodes of the podcast to date and is so proud to be welcoming 3 of her Sacred Rhythm Mentees to share this platform and its vision with her. 


Stevie has her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Studio Art from the University of New York at New Paltz.




Ash Brooks is a musician, writer, artist, and astrologer from Brunswick, Maine. She works with individuals who seek higher knowledge and creativity, aiding them in remembering their mission as they move to the vibration of their highest self.


She is a believer that astrology and music can align us with the harmony of the cosmos, and that by utilizing these tools we can live with greater love and deeper understanding. Her astrological background is rooted in karmic and esoteric study, and she seeks to inspire individuals in initiating or continuing their life’s purpose on a soul level.  


Ash is the co-founder of Flower Room (along with her partner Matt LaJoie), a record label dedicated to healing, expansive, improvisational sounds. Ash plays and records with Starbirthed, Ash & Herb, and under her own name. In 2017, Ash and Matt developed Tonal Cosmology, an astro-musical system inspired by the Music of the Spheres.


Ash is a Reiki Master Teacher, and studied Polarity Therapy at SpaTech Institute. She serves as an assistant energy worker for group ceremonies and rituals, works as a tarot reader locally and online, and has conducted and recorded numerous guided meditations for everything from evoking Loving Kindness to tuning each of the seven chakras. She co-runs the educational astrology podcast Pisces Rising with Heather Nichols.


She had a daily astrological forecast blog called the Planetary Observer that ran from 2014 to 2017, a zodiac column known as Unclouded Eye in the British publication MOOF, and a weekly horoscope column called Stargazing in the Portland Phoenix newspaper.


Starbirthed provides the music for the Starry Alignment podcast, having created twelve unique tracks reflecting the tonal energy for each of the zodiac signs.


Ash studied English and Astronomy at the University of Southern Maine, with a concentration in Creative Writing.



Jennifer Reitmeier is a healing artist who works with fellow healers and beginners alike, with the goal of lovingly guiding others back to their Center, empowering souls to channel their highest compassion, and teaching vulnerability as a superpower!


Jennifer believes deeply in the modalities she utilizes. Through her work with reiki, Jennifer has found immense truth in the deep release and healing it brings to both the physical and energetic body.  Her studies in the art of tarot have both revealed the immense wisdom found in intuition, as well as the psychological and therapeutic benefits the ease of such clarity brings.


Having garnered support both in her personal community in NYC, as well as virtually, Jennifer provides intuitive tarot, astrology readings, and energy healing, to local and international clientele. 


Jennifer is a certified reiki master, completing her studies through ManKindYoga NYC under the expertise of Marc Nelles.  In addition to her energy work, she is a primarily self-taught tarot reader and astrologer. Jennifer also completed the Sacred Rhythm mentorship program, led by Starry Alignment founder and visionary, Stevie Medina!


Jennifer is a storyteller, through her creative writing, poetry, visual and performing art.  In her writings, she aims to invoke inspiration in others, storytelling through merging personal experience and esoteric wisdom.  Her visual art is often mused by the cosmos, the beauty of the human form, and the cycles of nature. On stage, Jennifer is a force, expanding her loving vortex to reach others through her singing, acting, and open aura. 


Jennifer trained at CAP21, a musical theater conservatory in NYC, where in addition to her studies in voice, movement, and acting, she focused extensively on the art of Collaboration.



Georgia is a multimedia artist who utilizes textiles, screen printing and photography, collage and nature to inspire personal expression and healing. She has been practicing tarot for the past 10 years, which was also her introduction to astrology.


She first began practicing yoga when she was seven when her family was living in New Mexico where she was born. As a current resident of the Pacific Northwest her passions for natural remedies, astrology, tarot and journalism have become her primary sources of passion, drive and integration.


Georgia’s goal is to create intentional space for both artists and practitioners to collaborate and heal sustainably. By putting to use her passion for creative design, shamanistic drumming and ritual, herbalism and astrology, she strives to create unique integrative healing for each client and community's needs.


Georgia strives to enlighten and educate about living sustainably and what it truly means to live entwined with the rhythmic world around us. Georgia has been writing for her college’s newspaper for the past 5 years on topics focused on herbalism, climate change, astrology and ayurvedic practices. She values deeply the importance of integrated healing from using a wide range of modalities, uniquely crafted to deepen the embodiment of one's journey upon Earth.


She is a graduate mentee of the Sacred Rhythm Mentorship Program, attended Rudolf Steiner Waldorf School, attends an annual non-violent communication training through her security work at the Oregon Country Fair, and has an Associates Degree with dual focus in Journalism and Business.


Georgia will be finishing her 200 YTR in the upcoming year, diving deeper into herbalism / ayurvedic practitioner trainings and launching her own collaborative clothing business.


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